van Frits

Over the past few years I gained a variety of skills working for clients, doing internships and most recently setting up a clothing collection. I discovered that I like diversity and flexibility. The variation in what I do, make and deliver gives me energy and the drive to do new things. Van Frits gives me the ability to work for a great variety of brands, clients and companies offering divergent services. Next to working on communication and multimedia solutions, I have done visual designs and worked in production team for multiple festivals. All these facets combined make me and the basis for "van Frits". A wide variety of skills which I like to put to use whilst working on thinks I like. Combining all my knowledge I can offer a refreshing view on things and work with great passion on your passion! I Think you could call me a Freelance Communication and Graphic designer but you could also just call me Frits. 

Lekker weertje meneertje. #okedoeihè.jpg